CCTV Mainline Inspections

Camera Specs: – Camera head rotates along two axes. Pan and tilt rotation allows over 285° of viewing angle while spinning around the forks of the camera head. This allows viewing up laterals while inspecting upstream or downstream in a pipe. The other axis is axial rotation, parallel with the length of the pipe. Our camera’s are designed to rotate infinitely along this axis.

  • Inspect lines 8” to 72”
  • Digital Color Picture
  • Auxiliary light kit for larger lines
  • Big wheel kit for 15” lines and up
  • Can inspect up to 1500 feet from access point
  • Pipetech video inspection software
  • Color inspection reports with still picture images

panoramo inspection camera

Miniature Camera
Miniature Cameras are the ideal solution when tight spaces become a barrier. Use the Self-Leveling Color Camera to maneuver over even the smallest offset joints. The high resolution coupled with the extremely low lux camera module and high tech optics provides unequaled picture quality for any application including ducts, conduit and vertical shaft/borehole inspections.

Camera Specs: – Micro television push camera is a waterproof, compact, completely self-contained electronics package housed in a stainless steel housing designed specifically to produce a high-quality video picture under the wide range of adverse environmental conditions found in sewers.

minature camera for sewer line inspection

  • Skid attachment centers camera in 3” to 6” pipes and maneuvers over small offset joints.
  • Camera is able to negotiate 90° bends and entry cleanout “Tees” in 3″, 4″ and 6″ diameter pipes.
  • Housing front has a replaceable view port of impact resistant, distortion free sapphire glass.
  • Housing rear has a threaded, sealed connector for attaching the camera to a flexible spring section with built-in 512Hz locating sonde.
  • Inspect up to 200 feet from access point
  • Pipetech video inspection software
  • Color inspection reports with still picture images

Digital Recording Media
Technology now allows us to capture video and audio in a digital format. Each of our inspection units are equipped with computers and are capable of capturing video into 4 different formats. The video and data can be delivered to you via VHS, DVD, Portable hard drive, and flash drive.

Johnson Jet-line, Inc also keeps copies of all the work that has been completed for 3 years to ensure that your videos are safe in case of an accident where you lose your information.