Lateral Launch Camera

Lateral Evaluation Television Systems (LETS)

Video Inspection Lateral Evaluation Television System Video

Simultaneously inspects mainlines(up to 1,000 feet from access point) and laterals to 150 feet from the mainline sewer. A slim unibody tractor design reduces pipe interference to maneuver quickly through harsh mainline pipe conditions.

The versatile inspection system sets-up quickly to match pipe contours. The basic six-wheel configuration operates in 6- to 12-inch mainlines.

A Large Line Kit with four-wheel configuration operates in pipe to 30-inch diameter and larger. A telescoping chute facilitates easier lateral launching in larger pipe.

Lateral Evaluation Television System(LETS) Camera Features:

  • Inspect laterals and mainlines simultaneously
  • Inspect laterals up to 150’ from the main and mainlines up to 1,000’ from access point
  • Maximized pipeline clearance
  • On-screen picture-in-picture for simultaneous mainline and lateral viewing
  • Power forward/reverse and freewheel transporter movement
  • Integrated 512Hz locating beacon to locate/trace pipe
  • On-screen lateral footage
Lateral Launch Camera