Line Locating & Tracing

Sewer locating equipment proves to be an invaluable tool when used in conjunction with the sewer jet or camera. If you are having a problem with your sewer line, we can locate precisely where the problem is. This allows you to know exactly where to dig and begin repairs. This method allows you to minimize your total repair costs even when the problem exists under a sidewalk, floor, driveway, street, under your house, or in the middle of your agricultural field.

Electronic sewer and tile locating can prove to be the cheapest preventative measure for finding buried lines prior to any type of excavation. Often, as time passes, people invariably forget where the sewer and tile lines run on their property. Knowing exactly where the line is saves you time and money by alleviating the possibility for error and additional cost to your project by breaking sewer or drainage lines.

By using our state-of-the-art equipment to trace our jetter hose, mini push camera, and mainline camera we are able to pin-point exactly where your problem is or to show where exactly your line is going. We provide the following services:
Mainline sanitary sewer tracing/locating
Storm sewer tracing/locating
Residential sanitary sewer tracing/locating
Agricultural tile tracing/locating
Residential water line tracing/locating