Mainline Inspections

We use the most state of the art equipment including PANORAMO 3D optical pipeline scanners along with the conventional CCTV mainline inspection cameras. Our system offers high resolution video with on-screen graphics as well as written notes to allow you to locate problems before they become serious. Our operators are highly skilled, trained, and certified through NASSCO PACP, LACP, and MACP.

PANORAMO 3D Mainline Inspections

CCTV Mainline Inspections


Digital Recording Media
Technology now allows us to capture video and audio in a digital format. Each of our inspection units are equipped with computers and are capable of capturing video into 4 different formats. The video and data can be delivered to you via VHS, DVD, Portable hard drive, and flash drive. Johnson Jet-line, Inc also keeps copies of all the work that has been completed for 3 years to ensure that your videos are safe in case of an accident where you lose your information.