Panoramo 3D Optical Mainline Inspections

panaoramo camera for mailine inspections
The PANORAMO 2 and PANORAMO 150 Mainline Inspection Cameras

The PANORAMO® system is the most state of the art camera on the market which provides better data to engineers, reducing stress for operators, increasing productivity and changing the way we inspect our underground infrastructure.


The RapidView IBAK PANORAMO® camera is the most advanced camera in our lineup.
PANORAMO® technology allows our operators to work at a much faster rate without needing to stop. This is due to the engineering of the camera, which has (185º) twin digital cameras installed on the front and rear of the system, allowing it to capture still images as we move through the pipeline. An on-board computer then stitches the images together to produce a seamless pipe segment.

panoramo camera

The Digital Revolution
The revolutionary PANORAMO® digital pipeline scanner can inspect twice as much pipe per day and will increase image resolution six times over traditional CCTV cameras.

Performance is Key
PANORAMO® is fast. We collect data at a rate of 69 ft. per minute without needing to stop. All this adds up to a technology that increases production and dramatically enhances quality. Cost is reduced by limiting the time spent by bypassing the sewer lines and performing traffic control in high volume areas.

Quality Engineering

At the core of the PANORAMO® system are the wide angle (185º) twin digital cameras. These cameras are installed on the front and rear of the system and capture still images as they move through the pipeline. Extremely powerful Xenon strobes illuminate up to 48” pipelines, and the still pictures captured by the cameras produce high-resolution digital images that do not suffer from motion blur even at the highest inspection speeds.


The success of PANORAMO® technology has been tremendous. As cities and municipalities clamored for PANORAMO® data, IBAK recognized that they could design a system that was smaller, more economical, and easier to operate. The PANORAMO® 150 is that system! Capable of inspecting over 90% of the pipelines that are found in sanitary sewer systems (6”-12” diameters).

Panoramo Televising Trailer

Quality and Performance

This new method of pipeline inspection brings the highest quality of product to our customers in multiple ways.

  • Reduces on-site time by allowing us to gather the data in the field and analyze it back in the office. Which means less hassle for our customers.
  • Increases quality with more accurate footage and image resolution that is six times better then traditional CCTV.
  • All customer packets come with a very user friendly computer software, which allows you to navigate through an entire pipe segment without having to sit through a recorded video tape.
  • Scan the entire pipe from an unfolded view, allowing you to skip to known problem areas quickly instead of having to fast forward or rewind through a video.
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